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UMBC Bold Weekly Update

Dear Community,

We continue to see great turnout from our faculty, staff, and students at our UMBC Bold campus conversations. Last week’s sessions delved into specific aspects of the UMBC experience, including our work to engage with our local community, our campus governance structures, faculty advancement, research, and staff advancement. We are grateful for the work of our co-chairs and everyone who has dedicated time to attending these sessions and sharing their experiences.

It is clear that the community is engaged and ready to share opinions about our achievements, our challenges, and our future. We look forward to reviewing the notes and themes compiled by the co-chairs and preparing a final report for President Sheares Ashby. She plans to incorporate this work into the university’s strategic planning process.

We hope that we can continue this amazing momentum. This week’s sessions include the Graduate Academic Experience, our Alumni Community, Faculty Advancement, Economic Development and Partnerships, and Inclusive Excellence. You can sign up for sessions and view the full schedule of conversations on our website

Remember that any community member is welcome to attend any session. You can also share your feedback using this form. Thank you for participating in this process. 


Vandana Janeja, Chair and Professor of Information Systems

Michelle Scott, Professor of History

Greg Simmons, M.P.P. ’04, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

UMBC Bold Committee Chairs

Posted: March 14, 2023, 8:50 AM