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UMBC Bold: Staff as Empowered Stakeholders

A Campus Conversation



Date & Time

March 9, 2023, 2:00 pm3:00 pm


All are welcome to join us for this campus conversation on the role of staff as empowered stakeholders. Please come prepared to discuss your perspective on the state of the university and your vision for its future. We will be guided by the following questions:

1. What achievements and core values should we celebrate and nurture?
2. What challenges might hinder our ability to advance our mission and vision?
3. What are your bold aspirations for the future of UMBC?

This discussion is hosted by the subcommittee on Staff as Empowered Stakeholders, chaired by Cael Mulcahy, Director of Operations, CAHSS, Amery Thompson, Assistant Director for Transfer Student Success, Off-Campus Student Services, and Michele Kimery, Business Services Specialist, Police.

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Learn more about UMBC Bold at president.umbc.edu/bold.