Frequently Asked Questions

The University System of Maryland (USM) provides a general framework for the search and selection of university presidents within the University System of Maryland. The final selection and appointment of a university president is, by law, the responsibility and prerogative of the USM Board of Regents. The Chancellor will launch the start of a president’s search with a campus town hall to discuss the search and to invite nominations for members of the search committee. The Chancellor will also appoint a search committee, with Board review, including a member of the Board of Regents as the Chair of the search committee. The Chancellor may, but is not required to, employ an executive search firm to assist with the process. Once the committee has been established, the Chancellor will give the search committee its charge. For more information, please visit the Presidential Search Process Page, which has further details about the process, the town hall , and USM guidelines.

Like the University System of Maryland, UMBC is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Throughout this nationwide search, every effort will be made to find impressive candidates whose values match those of our community.

The USM advises that a presidential search typically leads to the appointment of a president approximately six months following the first meeting of the search committee. UMBC should anticipate the announcement of a new president sometime in spring 2022.

Community members will be informed of major updates about the presidential search process via email, and those messages will be archived on the Presidential Search Process Page.

In order to attract the most highly-qualified candidates, USM presidential searches follow a closed process. Candidates will not be announced at any time. The new president will be announced by the Board of Regents Chair/Chancellor once the process is complete.

All community members may attend a town hall meeting at the start of the process. The community will have opportunities to nominate search committee members and candidates, but will not be involved in the closed interview process. For more details on why the interview process is closed, see below: “Why is confidentiality so important in a presidential search?”

To facilitate the recruitment of high caliber candidate pools, searches for USM presidents will be conducted as closed searches, meaning the identity of candidates will not be publicly disclosed during the search process. This is considered a national best practice, and is done to protect both the candidate and their current community, as candidates who are not selected will likely continue their duties at their respective institutions.

If you’d like to share a message or memory with Dr. Hrabowski, you may do so by filling out this form. Messages will be shared with Dr. Hrabowski regularly. UMBC will also hold events and activities throughout the year to celebrate and thank Dr. Hrabowski for his more than three decades of leadership.

Most questions about the process will be answered on the Presidential Search Process Page, which contains a link to the full USM Presidential Search Guidelines. If you have further questions, please feel free to send them to