The Presidential Search

The Selection Process

The selection and appointment of a university president is, by law, the responsibility and prerogative of the USM Board of Regents. The University System of Maryland (USM) provides a procedural framework for the search and selection of university presidents within the University System of Maryland. This process is designed to assist the Board in meeting its responsibility in a manner responsive to the leadership needs of the institution and the USM.

Stakeholder Engagement and Search Preparation

Profile photo of Regent Michelle Gourdine

The USM Board of Regents search for UMBC’s next president launched with a campus town hall, hosted by USM Chancellor Jay Perman, on October 1. Regent Michelle Gourdine  chairs the UMBC President Search and Screening Committee, which reflects the UMBC community, with representation among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and university stakeholders. In addition to serving as the Regents’ representative for UMBC’s most recent Middle States accreditation process, Dr. Gourdine is also a proud UMBC parent.

Members of the UMBC community were invited to submit nominations to the Chancellor of community members who they think should serve on the search committee in the month after Dr. Hrabowski’s announcement.

National executive search firm Isaacson, Miller facilitated the work of the committee, whose members screened and interviewed presidential candidates and submit for the Board of Regents’ consideration a short list of those best-suited for the job. Community members were invited to nominate outstanding individuals to be considered as UMBC’s next leader, as well as take a short survey to provide input on what should be the leadership qualities and priorities of the incoming president.

To facilitate the recruitment of high caliber candidate pools, searches for USM presidents are conducted as closed searches, meaning the identity of candidates will not be publicly disclosed during the search process. At the same time, a closed search process can be inclusive and reflect input from the campus and the community in which the campus resides, such that the selection of a president is a product of stakeholder engagement.

USM Presidential Search Guidelines

Communications About the Search

Community members will receive periodic updates about the presidential search process via email, and those messages will be archived here.

UMBC Presidential Search Phases

The following steps will make up the presidential search process.

Phase 1:
Stakeholder Engagement and Search Preparation

Phase 2:
Open Application Period and Screening of Prospective Candidates

Phase 3:
Narrowing the Field

Phase 4:
Selecting Finalists and Recommendations to the Board of Regents

Phase 5:
The Final Choice